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Tang Feast

盛   宴

The dance refers back to Tang Dynasty, using the elements of traditional opera and dance style of Tang Dynasty. Each dancer dances with their long sleeves and carries a small drum on the side, patting the drums with the strong beats of music.

Be blown away by the Variety of Talent from Taiwan at this Charity Benefit Performance!

3 Different Groups with 3 Different Types of Talent and Performances will Dazzle you with their energetic performances. 

Lei Dance Theater brings from Taiwan the lost tradition of tea dance, from the mountain regions where the famous teas of Taiwan, cherished all over the world is grown.  They will be performing 5 elegant and unique dance numbers, known and shown only in Taiwan.

Here is an Example of their dance numbers:







Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe revives Taiwanese Opera with an unique addition of Tea Opera.  They will bring alive on stage the ancient folktale known around the world as the Journey of the Monkey King.  It is a tale about the fight between good and evil, as well as serving a higher purpose.  Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe will bring an energetic kung fu and acrobat twist to the Taiwanese Opera, that will delight all ages. 

Sun Musical Concert brings the beautiful music of celebration from Taiwan. Flutist Dr. Grace Lin will perform 2 songs including the Ancient Melody of Taiwan.  Then a large choir made up of Taiwanese Americans from Irvine, and conducted by Dr. Sam Sun will sing songs of celebration. 

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