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Interesting Facts about Taiwan

  • Taiwan is one of the 4 Dragons of Asia leading in education, technology, wealth, and innovation.

  • Taiwan has been named the #1 Patents Developing County Globally by Bloomberg.

  • Taiwan's life expectancy has increased in the past 2 years which now exceeds the life expectancy of the U.S. and is rising to be almost on par with Hong Kong and Japan.

  • Taiwan has a healthy economy with no debts

  • Taiwan is a democracy

  • Taiwan is well-known for its tea, technology, favorable trading, and preserving tradition.

  • The Hakka people of Taiwan founded or forwarded the types of kung fu known as Preying Mantis.

  • The Hakka women are strong women who refused to bind their feet when it was a common practice in Ancient Asia.

  • The first woman President, who is the current President in Taiwan, is Hakka.

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